Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why, Hello there :)

Wow.... sorry it's been so long! In my last post I mentioned life not turning out how we plan. Anyway, earlier that day I took a pregnancy test. Sooo.... life has totally changed. So much for getting my BF% to a 15 :P at least for now. The first trimester for me is always hard with puking, dry heaving, being completely exhausted and the like, but now I'm 20 weeks, well into my second trimester and I'm feeling great as far as the pregnancy goes. I had a hard time working out much the first three months, but now I'm back at it getting in at least three days a week. Not quite what I want, but I'll get back to five, this week in fact :) I'm still not wearing maternity pants so that's good :) I've gained about 9 pounds so far and my goal is to keep it under 15. I have gone with a midwife for my past two babies and plan to do the same this time around and I discussed it with her and she said that was a good goal and to just be sure and get adequate protein, calcium, etc. I'm thinking I should print a profile picture of myself from August 2009, after I had my second baby, and put it somewhere that I can see it everyday to keep me motivated to eat right and workout. I do not want to look like that again!
I plan to start blogging here regularly to help me be accountable to my goals. I've been doing my own mix of ChaLean Extream and TurboFire with a goal of lifting weights two days a week, cardio three days, and yoga/stretching one day. So let it be written; so let it be done!

At first I had a really hard time with the fact that I was pregnant. It was NOT in my plans. I wanted to wait another year but God knows best. I'm excited about it now, still nervous, but excited. We plan to find out what's cook'n in there here in about two weeks and I look forward to that. I'm almost positive it's a boy but I guess that could be wishful thinking. I'll let you know :)